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 The EGO is the iconic 5-pocket stretch jeans from CHASIN’. It’s the brand’s take on the classic 5-pocket jeans, yet with a twist: due to the usage of stretch you get the freedom of movement, with the appearance of a classic pair of jeans. The EGO is available in 3 qualities: Tapered Comfort Stretch, Slim X-Treme Stretch and Sweat denim (with a denim look and feel but a jersey type construction). Every season the EGO gets a contemporary update with new washes and finishes. This season the brand has outdone itself:  great depth in washes, hand finishing and a range that goes from indigo to grey to bleach wash. Prices start at €89,95.




The tapered Comfort Stretch fit is constructed out of comfort stretch denim. A mix of cotton and elastane create an unequalled comfort level in a rugged denim look & feel. The EGO tapered styles have a normal waist, roomy upper leg and tapered fit from the knee down. There are 2 variations of the EGO Tapered Comfort Stretch: Sun and Shade.




Without a doubt this moment’s trend: stretch jeans! A jeans with skinny fit, but through adding a rather large quantity of elastane, the jeans acts like a second skin. This gives you freedom of movement: comfort to the max! The EGO Slim X-Treme Stretch is a slim fit jeans, with a standard waste and slim fit on the legs. The fabric is X-Treme Stretch, resulting in an extremely comfortable fit. EGO Slim X-Treme Stretch styles consist of 4 variations: Raven, Energy, Smoke and Bleach.




The EGO is an icon in his own right. That’s why it deserves a life in the spotlight, this season resulting in the Spring Summer ’16 installment of #STRETCHYOUREGO. A nationwide campaign, in which TV and online play a big part, will be launched to visualize the EGO jeans and the CHASIN’ brand. Expect some serious easy goingness and the no nonsense attitude of a rockstar! In Joost Vandebrug directing and shooting the campaign,  Chasin’ again found the perfect catalyst!

 Social is in the CHASIN’ genes. That’s why the jeans brand will create a social media competition, providing a true EGO boost for the winner! The winner’s EGO will be enhanced by an instore styling session with a complete outfit, a fresh haircut  and a year’s worth of gym prescription. Check the CHASIN’ social channels for everything on this competition and #STRETCHYOUREGO.


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