Chasin’ All Tops



The Chasin’ all tops collection consists of jeans that come in a variety of styles. They have all been made with the premium materials in pursuit of the best quality. Each season we update the colours, materials and details so that Chasin’ tops always have a place in the collection.


Chasin’ All Tops Collection

The Chasin’ all tops collection offers a wide range of different styles. The t-shirts, jackets and jumpers make up a large part of the collection with their wide variety of colours, materials and designs. Each product group has a range of garments such as bomber jackets, parkas and biker jackets that are all classified as winter jackets.


In addition to these product groups, you’ll find t-shirts with longsleeves, shirts, sweaters and basics that bring the Chasin’ collection to life. The extensive basics collection from Chasin’ includes jumpers, t-shirts and long sleeve tees in neutral colours for the times when you don’t fancy wearing bright colours or prints, or if you just want to wear something under your shirt or jumper.

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