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Basics are reals must haves. These are items that are easily combined because they have a neutral fit, detail and colour. These garments are the pillars of every outfit, providing the finishing touch and a real killer look. They are timeless classics that simply belong in your wardrobe. If you want to keep your outfit neutral or if you’ve had it with prints or large logo carriers, then go for a basic tee, shirt or jumper to complete your look. Each season we add more new basic items to the collection to give your wardrobe a boost.


Chasin’ Basic T-Shirt Collection

Over the years, the Chasin’ basic tee collection has been significantly extended. It all started with Chasin’ Cave-C and Base-B, a neutral white or black t-shirt with a crewneck or V-neck, but now the collection has grown considerably. As well as slim-fit basic tees the collection includes relaxed wear such as the Endless. Others are finished off with minimum details such as the breast pocket for which Chasin’ Saint is famous.


The diversity in t-shirts is also reflected in the different designs which offer a choice of neck, slim fit or long fit to relaxed wear. Each garment has been specially designed for any occasion. You can wear these t-shirts to keep your outfit perfectly neutral or underneath a shirt to create a layered look.


Chasin’ Basics Collection

Alongside t-shirts, the basics collection includes sweaters, hoodies, singlets and long sleeve tees. They are in neutral colours, are available with either a crewneck or V-neck and in various fits. The Chasin’ Guild is perfect example of a basic, neutral hooded cardigan in quality fabrics and rich in details such as a zip and pockets.


All basics are available in neutral colours that go perfectly with our collections of jeans or trousers.

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