Chasin’ Belts



Chasin was founded in 1992 and at its heart is our passion for jeans. ‘Lust For Jeans’ is the beating heart at Chasin’ and we put the same amount of passion into our accessories. The Chasin’ belts collection features a wide variety of colours and quality designs.


Chasin’ Belts Collection

The Chasin’ collection of real leather belts is varied and offers a wide selection of colours and shades. This diverse range offers an extensive choice of buckles and belt widths. Narrow belts look great with Chinos and wide ones come into their own on a pair of robust jeans.


The Slim Belt and Line Belt are examples of our narrow belts. Whereas the Slim Belt is fairly basic, the Line has additional detail in the form of a stitched pattern. The iconic Blaze Belt is wide and available in a variety of colours that go perfectly with a pair of cool Chasin’ jeans.

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