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15 Bomber Jackets

  1. Brayton Aop


    Regular Price: €99.95

    Special Price €59.95

  2. Brayton Badge


    Regular Price: €99.95

    Special Price €59.95

  3. Palmer GD


    Regular Price: €149.95

    Special Price €99.95

  4. Judge


    Regular Price: €119.95

    Special Price €79.95

  5. Judge


    Regular Price: €119.95

    Special Price €79.95

Chasin’ Bomber jacket



The bomber jacket is an iconic piece that is making a strong comeback in the summer of 2017 in the CHASIN’ collection, especially when matched with the long fit tees.


Originally developed in the 1950s, bomber jackets weren’t intended as a fashion item; they were specifically designed to be worn by pilots in the US Air Force. Bomber jacket were usually black or olive green and are well padded to keep the pilot warm in the low temperatures at high altitude.


At the time, the linings were often orange so that in the event of an emergency landing, they could turn them inside out so they could be spotted more easily.


Chasin’ Bomber Jacket Collection

This season, Chasin’ is bringing out brand new versions of the Bomber jacket, with iconic patches and clean uni coloured looks.


The colours seamlessly match the collection; the bomber jackets are available in black, dark blue and indigo. They start at € 99.95.



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