Chasin’ Caps & Beanies



Chasin’ caps are an essential component of the Chasin’ accessory collection. The Chasin’ cap collection includes baseball, trucker and driver caps as well as a varied mix of fashionable and authentic designs. The high quality materials and the Chasin’ logo mean the collection is instantly recognisable.


Besides caps, this line of accessories also includes beanies. Different designs, colours and knits mean the choice is highly varied. All of our styles are distinguishable by the classic design and quality.


Chasin’ Cap Collection

The Chasin’ cap collection features a wide variety of designs. Our caps are completely restyled for each season to match current trends, colour schemes and patterns and our Autumn/Winter collection is no exception.


Neutral colours such as black and grey are complemented brilliantly by a range of prints and fabrics. The Baller Snake is made from quality fabrics; rich in details with a snakeskin pattern. If you’d rather go for a more noticeable cap, the Baller Spirit is a great example of a lightweight cap with an outspoken floral print.


Chasin’ Beanie Collection

When it really starts to get cold, then the Chasin’ beanie collection is a real find. From high quality knitted beanies to neutral-coloured hats. Choose between long ones and short ones and a variety of colours.


The winter beanie collection has a range of colours to match any outfit, coming in black, grey, navy blue and burgundy red. If our beanies fail to keep you warm enough, we also offer an extensive collection of scarves, gloves and winter jackets.

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