EGO Eau De Toilette by Chasin'

    Articlenr. 9P00244001-902

    EGO by Chasin' explores the very essence of the world’s finest ingredients with this exclusive eau de toilette for men. Inspired by quotes like ”Lust For Jeans” and “We never stop”, we’ve come up with this contemporary yet timeless scent. It’s a  combination of various dominant woody notes, with a hint of citrus freshness. The EGO by Chasin'’ fragrance is recognizable by a woody oak moss with a touch of grapefruit .

    Eau de Toilette

    • Info & Care

      • Always check the washing instructions before you wash the item.
      • Always wash your clothes inside out to minimise the risk of colour transfer.
      • When you hang your washing to dry, try to avoid direct sunlight to prevent the colour from fading. Otherwise, hang your clothes inside out.
      • Never wash clothes at a higher temperature than indicated on the washing label. Washing clothes too hot may result in shrinking.
      • Always try to wash clothes with the same coloured clothing.

      The above tips apply to all items of clothing, but some items have additional washing tips: Click here

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