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Payment Methods

  • Which are the payment methods?

    You can pay for your order from CHASIN’ securely and easily, using a credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or iDEAL online banking. You can also use membercard points or a giftcard to pay for your purchases online and at the CHASIN’ stores. Please note! If you are placing an order from another country, you can only pay by credit card.

  • Paying by iDEAL

    - Put the items in your shopping bag.
    - Choose ‘pay by iDEAL’ and click on your bank’s logo.
    - You are automatically taken to the online banking page.
    - Fill in the details requested and pay in the usual manner.
    - The amount is directly debited from your bank account.
    - CHASIN’ immediately receives confirmation that your payment has been authorised.
    - You will receive an email confirmation and your order will be processed.

  • Paying by credit card (MasterCard or Visa)

    - Put the items in your shopping trolley.
    - Click on the logo of your credit card.
    - Fill in all the details requested and click on ‘confirm payment’.
    - The amount is charged to your credit card.
    - You will receive an email confirmation and your order will be processed.

  • Paying by Klarna Factuur

    Would you rather wait until you have received your order to pay? Choose 'Klarna Factuur' and pay the amount within 14 days of delivery. 

    Paying by Klarna Factuur works as follows:
    - Put the items in your shopping bag.
    - Choose 'Klarna Factuur'.
    - Check whether the details filled in are correct and make any necessary changes.
    - Click on ‘pay’.
    - The invoice will be emailed to you as soon as your order has been sent.

    Paying by Klarna Factuur is subject to specific terms and conditions which are given below. Read these terms and conditions carefully. If you choose this payment method, you agree to these general terms and conditions:
    - The invoice and delivery address must be the same; this may not be a PO box.
    - You must be 18 years or older.
    - Upon receipt of your order you have 14 days to pay the invoice.

    The invoice will be sent to your email address. If Klarna does not accept the payment, you will be automatically sent back to the payment page where you can select a different payment method.

     Has your order been refused? This could be due to the following reasons:
    - The details filled in are not correct.
    - The address is not recognised or it is not the address at which you live.
    - You still have outstanding invoices. You must pay these before you can use Klarna to make another payment.
    - The purchase amount is too high, which means the credit risk for Klarna is too great.

    Do you have questions about your invoice? Or do you not know why you are not being allowed to pay against invoice? Contact Klarna’s customer service by telephone on +31 (0)20-8082852 or by email at klantenservice@klarna.nl.

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