Check & Reserve

Check & Reserve

  • How does Check & Reserve work?

    -          Go to the article you want to reserve and click on the button. ‘reserve in store’.
    -          Enter the postcode or city and select the correct size.
    -           Select the CHASIN’ store where you'd like to pick up your order.
    -          Enter your personal information.
    -           Select the date you'd like to pick up your article.
    -           Your reservation will be processed and you will receive a reservation number.

  • When is my order ready?

    When you have placed a reservation, a notification will be sent to the relevant store. There the article will be picked for you.
    If the article is ready for you, you will receive the confirmation email and you can pick up your order.

    PAY ATTENTION! Always wait until you receive the confirmation email before you go to the store. That way you can be sure that the order is ready.

  • What if the article isn't available?

    We strive to always reserve the article for you. In the unlikely event that an article can not be reserved, you will receive a message within an hour.