‘Lust for Jeans’ is the heart and soul of CHASIN’. Our passion for perfection, quality, design and detail means our collections remain fresh and stylish. The CHASIN’ Jeans collection is based around a number of jeans designs that are updated each season. These jeans are always in fashion thanks to our choice of cloth, washes and detailing.


The iconic CHASIN’ design is the EGO (Slim & Tapered Fit). Our other Chasin’ fits are the Iggy (Skinny Fit), Drake (Biker Skinny Fit), Guador (Slim Fit), Hendrx (Regular Straight Fit) and the Lamar (Biker Slim Fit). All CHASIN’ jeans are instantly recognisable by the 3-piece Lotus pocket design, the patented side label and the details.


In the spring of 2015, CHASIN’ launched the iconic ‘Stretch Your EGO’ campaign in which EGO Jeans played the leading role. This denim is made with comfort stretch and super stretch making the jeans exceptionally comfortable.

We will be introducing a brand new campaign each season, displaying 6 key styles to represent the collection. The seasonal updates are seen trough washes and detailing such as damages, bleaches and destroyed elements.


CHASIN' Royal Attitude is a unique project, where we created jeans out of recycled navy uniforms from the Royal Netherlands Navy. These navy pieces have travelled the world. From jeans to t-shirts and sweaters, all covered with endless tales to tell, resulting in a waterfall of inspiration. It perfectly matches our 'Let's Go Anywhere' mindset. Read more about our Royal Attitude campaign to learn about our collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Navy.


Just like our tops collection, Jeans receieves a seasonal update to go with the latest trends. Heavy washes, damage & repairs and rugged silhouettes are key to keep your denim game strong.

What’s more, CHASIN’ jeans exude character and personality, and ripped and destroyed details give them a rugged appearance which is available in a range of washes and colours. Besides blue jeans, the collection also includes black and grey jeans allowing you to create your perfect look.

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