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Chasin’ breathes ‘Lust for jeans’. The jumpers and cardigans from Chasin’ also have that real jeans feel so they go really well with Chasin’ Jeans. The collection is varied and includes cardigans and other sporty knitwear in cotton or wool.


The finesse of our knitwear collection can be found in the subtle design details and the wide choice of colours available. Quality materials mean the loveliest knits stay looking their best, even after they’ve been worn for a long time.


Chasin’ Knitwear Collection

Besides the Chasin’ jeans collection, our top quality jumpers have been styled with an eye for detail. Materials such as wool and stitches such as cable knit exude a rugged jeans feel, which is epitomised by the Racket Knit. Their fits and necks offer extra details such as a scarf -neck, crewneck and V-neck, and hooded or long, woollen cardigans take leading roles in our autumn collection.


The colour schemes go perfectly with the season, so besides navy blue and burgundy red, you’ll also find black and army green in the knitwear collection. The Chasin’ Loaded Knit is an example of a classic sweater in army green.


For a true jeans feel, besides our standard knitwear collection, there are also cardigans that have been finished off to a high quality with an eye for detail. The Chasin’ Driver is one example of a cardigan from the collection with its front pockets and scarf collar.


Chasin’ Jumper Trends

Just like our sweatshirt collection, you’ll find all-over printed patterns on our jumpers. These jumpers are completely up to date and at the forefront of current trends. From cable-knit cardigans to scarf-collar pullovers in seasonal colour schemes of green, blue, grey and black.

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