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This is new! On this page, we will keep you informed about the latest Chasin’ collection for the autumn. Check this page out regularly to stay up to date and be the first to see the latest collection of jeans, pants, jumpers, winter jackets, t-shirts, shirts, basics and accessories.


If you came across an item the last time you were here but can’t find in any more, it might have been moved to the relevant category (jeans, winter coats, t-shirts, etc.). So perhaps you should consider buying it now before it’s gone forever!


Chasin’ Fall / Winter Collection

The new Fall / Winter Chasin’ Collection is based on London. Each theme has its own style and unique key items that show the items in their best light. All themes are inspired by the Eastern and Western cosmopolitan mood, eclectic people, denim heads and the freedom of the great outdoors.


The Autumn/Winter collection has been refined to reflect the high quality and selections of a variety of fabrics. The collection is divided into new trends, forerunners, high-end street style and classic, timeless garments with refinements to their fabrics and details.


Check out our campaign page to find out more about the Chasin’ Fall / Winter collection which we shot earlier this year in London.

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