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The Chasin’ shirt collection offers a diversity of styles, fabrics and prints. From smart to casual, western style or military details. Each Chasin’ shirt has the ‘jeans feel’ so you can be sure that they look fantastic with pair of Chasin’ jeans or trousers. Short sleeves, long sleeves, rolled up sleeves, checked flannel shirts or denim shirts; whatever style you’re looking for, Chasin’ has it all.


Chasin’ Shirt Collection

At Chasin’, we always follow our passion for style and details. Features such as breast pockets and elbow pads, finished off with the right buttons and stitching, give the Chasin’ shirt collection its unique look.


The collection comprises chambray shirts as well as ones made of cotton and elastane that give them a pleasant stretch. Bold colours, checked patterns, leather patches and a wide choice of dark and light washes go towards making the Chasin’ shirt collection infinitely big. Denim shirts with dark washes for a wintry look and light denim shirts for hot summer days. They can also be combined well with dark jeans.


The autumn and winter collection offer a range of fits from the classic Chasin’ Blake Mountain to the iconic Chasin’ Hudson shirt for the modern gentleman. The Chasin’ Blake exudes a genuine jeans feel with a western inspired design. Shirts by Chasin’ start at € 59.95.


Chasin’ Shirt Trends

Chasin’ checked flannel shirts, otherwise known as lumberjack shirts, are timeless and trending. They go perfectly with the Indigo Trail Hiker. These shirts have been given a face-lift to go with the flow, for instance the Chasin’ Mogan now has a long fit.


We are also seeing more of the Modern Gentlemen in themes such as Broken Suits. The Hudson is an Oxford-inspired shirt for the businessman, smartly dressed with distressed and damaged jeans.

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