Chasin’ Sweaters



Just like Chasin’ jeans, our sweaters arose from a desire to create a distinctive style and gorgeous details. For the Chasin’ sweaters collection, we have used heavier fabrics for the winter and lighter materials for the summer months. Chasin’ sweaters are available all year round, but we refine theme each season according to the latest trends.


Chasin’ Sweater Collection

Features of the Chasin’ sweaters collection are the fit, the colour palette and the distinctive graphics. All Chasin’ sweaters are made from quality materials. The range is extensive and varied, with a choice of crewneck, V-neck, hooded, stand-up collar, zipped or buttoned.


The countless range of colours and great prints mean the choice is even wider. The Chasin’ sweater collection is always based on the pure jeans feel interspersed with current, exciting designs. The sweater collection offers a choice of details such as buttons, pockets, prints and type of fabric.


Besides the usual materials and colours, the seasonal collection includes garment dyed, destroyed and patched up sweaters. 


Chasin’ Sweater Trends

In the Chasin’ sweater collection, trends have been incorporated into the creation of fabrics and the refinement of details. We are seeing a return of trends to our Autumn/Winter collection with this timeless garment. No only the colours but also the choice of material and the way it is refined play a key role. For example, we see quilted sweats, Breton-inspired crewnecks, Chasin’ logo carriers, all-over prints and refined raglan sleeves return to the collection.


Besides black, grey and white, Bordeaux red (burgundy) is central to the sweater collection, which fits seamlessly into the whole Chasin’ collection of winter jackets, knitwear and trousers.

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