We have extended our ‘Lust for Jeans’ motto to the whole t-shirt collection and we offer a range of exclusive and trend-setting t-shirts from floral prints to all-overs, long fits, basics and logo carriers. Every t-shirt is unique, just like our jeans.


We put a great part of passion into designing the latest CHASIN’ tees. The creativity and passion of the designers guarantee a top collection with a huge variety.

The CHASIN’ t-shirt collection includes t-shirts with v-necks, crewnecks, wide necks, open necks polo’s, long fits, basics, all-over printed, chest pockets and technical details. Whatever your preference, it’s all there; our collection has something for everybody. CHASIN’ also offers a range of washes, striped patterns, tank tops and logo carriers.

In the mood for something more basic? Check out the CHASIN’ basic tee collection! T-shirts such as our iconic Cave-C and Base-B are present to rock your outfit. These basic tees are real wardrobe essentials and must haves in colours such as white, black, grey and navy. Moreover, our Cave-C are always coloured in seasonal styles, to keep your basic game on point, always on seasonal trend!

Rather keeping it long? Our basics collection also supports longsleeves under the Damian-C and Damian-B. Clean styled, embroideried logo branding and ready for every occasion!


As with our jeans collection, CHASIN’ is always at the forefront of the latest trends. Seasonal colouring are key, paired with the contemporary updates of our keystyles.

Timeless designs are always on point within the CHASIN’ t-shirt collection. Think camo or technical details. You simply can’t go without them and ensures a killer outfit. Striped tees are a timeless effort aswell, be it summer or winter, it’s boss for any season of the year!

Rather keeping it clean with that CHASIN’ flavour? Do not worry, the CHASIN’ t-shirt collection always supports a clean logo carrier print. From static typefaces to all-overs and grafitti prints, it’s all there up for grabs!

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