• Party With Julian

    What to do

    Online purchases:

    • - Place an order during the campaign period on www.chasin.com or www.score.nl. This order has to contain an chasin’ ego jeans.
    • - Create your ultimate party outfit, with your CHASIN'EGO and make a selfie
    • - Upload your selfie to instagram
    • - Tag @chasin_official and use #stretchyourego in your instagram post

    Offline purchases:

    • - Get a new ego jeans at a CHASIN'or SCORE store
    • - Create your ultimate party outfit, with your CHASIN'EGO and make a selfie
    • - Upload your selfie to instagram
    • - Tag @chasin_official and use #stretchyourego in your instagram post

    Terms and conditions

    • - 2 winners will be chosen. Winner(s) goes to New horizons festival with 3 friends.
    • - Prize includes entry tickets, flights and hotel.
    • - campaign runs from 4 march 2017 until 6 may 2017
    • - contestants can upload their picture until 6 may 2017. Pictures uploaded after this date will not enter the competition.
    • - The winner will be announced on monday 8 of may 2017. This will be communicated through the CHASIN'Instagram page and the CHASIN'Facebook page
    • - campaign runs via purchases through chasin.com, score.nl, in CHASIN’ stores, Score stores and through shop in shop and wholesale partners.
    • - The winner must have bought a CHASIN'EGO jeans during the campaign period and it has to be still in his possession.
    • - The winner has to be able to prove he bought a CHASIN' EGO jeans during the campaign period with the receipt of that particular jeans
    • - No rights can be derived by contestant from entering this competition and from CHASIN'and or Score uploading the picture to owned channels like Facebook or Instagram. After contestant uploads the picture to instagram, he/she and explicitely gives permission to chasin’ and score to use the image they see fit. He/she waves all rights.
    • - Pictures uploaded without the hashtag #STRETCHYOUREGO, are not competing for the prize.
    • - Out of all contestant, 2 winners will be picked.
    • - The contestants instagram account has to be public in order to enter competition.
    • - Contestants have to be at least 18 years of age.
    • - Chasin' has the right to refrain from paying out incentive if competition has less than 10 entries.
    • - New Horizons facilitates the tickets, but is not in any way responsible for this promotion.
    • - Winner has to respond to communication before 31 may 2017 in order to be entitled to prize
    • - Prizes are not exchangeable in any way: for neither money nor products/items.
    • - In case of fraud contestant is exempt from competition.
    • - For correspondence about the competition contestants can contact info@chasin.com
    • - Employees of both CHASIN' and Score are exempt from participation.
    • - CHASIN’ is free in their choice of picking the winner. There will be no correspondence about the end results.
    • - Maximum amount to be imbursed per winner is € 449,-
    • - CHASIN’ is fully allowed to change the terms of this competition during the campaign.
    • - CHASIN’ is acting in accordance with the ‘gedragscode promotionele kansspellen; artikel 8: klein promotioneel kansspel’.
    • - This is a promotion/campaign ran by chasin’ retail nederland bv.

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